Alumni Spotlight

Meet Patty and Robert!

Patty, a graduate of St. Monica, class of 1981, and her husband Robert, graduate, class of 1980, have done something truly awe-inspiring.  Over the weekend after attending the Opera event at St. Monica, they had a chance to talk to Sister Regina about their time at St. Monica. They were so moved by the work of everyone here, that they decided to donate $10,000 through the BLOCS EITC program. 

We would like to first and foremost publicly thank them for this contribution to the BLOCS program, for the next two years. This will be such a gift to our present students to receive tuition assistance. Know that you both are in the prayers of the staff and students of St. Monica. Your kindness will not soon be forgotten. 

"If it motivates other alumni, or current parents to contribute, that would be wonderful." - Robert J. Delany Sr.

Thank you both so much for your generous gift.

Want to donate??

Contact Sister Regina at

Click here for more information on the BLOCS program!


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