St. Monica School  
The Pride of South Philly


Heavenly Father, on Thanksgiving Day
We bow our hearts to You and pray.
We give You thanks for all You’ve done.

Especially for the gift of Jesus, Your Son.
For beauty in nature, Your glory we see
For joy and health, friends and family,
For daily provision, Your mercy and care
These are the blessings You graciously share.
So today we offer this response of praise
With a promise to follow You all of our days.

                                                                                                               -Mary Fairchild

Claire's Gourmet Fund Raiser

Thank you to all who participated in our Claire’s Gourmet Fund Raiser.  After all expenses were paid our school and the ELC realized a profit of $3239.95.  We thank Mrs. Cathy Christinzio and Mrs. Annette Schwartz and our eighth grade girls for all their help in compiling the orders and sorting the items for pickup.


Our Walk-a-thon was a great success.  We are still waiting for a few more students tobring in their pledge money.  Thank you for your tremendous support!

Outreach to the Poor

Thank you for your generous response to our Peanut Butter and Jelly drive for the Archdiocesan Nutritional Development Services.  Through your kindness many families will receive the benefit of a nutritious lunch or snack.

Parent Conferences  November 25-26

Please fill out the form sent home by your child’s teacher for Parent Conferences.  It is very important that you meet the teacher to discuss your child’s progress.

Peacemakers of the Month:  November 

 We congratulate our Peacemakers who have shown growth in the virtue of Patience.

Ave Doyle (Grade K) Chloe Brady (Grade 4)

Rocco Zingarelli (Grade K) Stella Oen (Grade 5)

Emma Huynh (Grade 1) Joseph Sofi (Grade 5)

Alyssa Concilio (Grade 1) Mario Maffei (Grade 6)

Liana Le (Grade 2) Vivian Tran (Grade 6)

Darby Myers (Grade 2) Darrel Vandelo (Grade 7)

Michael Della Valla (Grade 3) Danielle Nardella (Grade 7)

Emily Cheng (Grade 3) Gracella Lukito (Grade 8)

Maggie Tittermary (Grade 4) Julia LoMaistro (Grade 8)

Important Reminders

Eighth Grade second payment for trip due November 5

Eighth Grade Bake Sale at church November 15-16 donations accepted

Birthday Grams

8th Grade Birthday Gram Singers celebrate your child's special day in school for $5. Your child, receive a gift, and a pretzel shaped into their initial. For further information, contact Mrs. Kim Carsello at .


          November 11

          Home and School Meeting

          7PM Junior School Library

          November 13-19

          Annual Food Drive

          November 13

First Penance and Communion Parent Meeting

7PM Senior School Cafeteria

          Pizza Days

          November 14 Junior School

          November 21 Senior School

          November 25

          Dining to Donate

11AM to 11PM

at Chickie’s and Pete’s

December 7

          Family Mass Grades 3 and 5

Breakfast With Santa

December 10

Report Cards

December 12

Faculty Meeting

11:30 Dismissal


I would also like to remind you that if you plan to volunteer in any capacity for us here at St. Monica, you must have the necessary clearances.  Please visit the Archdiocese of Philadelphia Office for Child and Youth Protection website for clearance requirements and links to necessary forms using the following link: